Duke Healthy Campus is part of the Healthy Campus 2020 Initiative that invites and engages the Duke community to work together to build the healthiest organization in the United States, where faculty, staff, and students thrive and feel valued.

In the fall of 2016, Chancellor Eugene Washington engaged leadership across the institution to explore how Duke could harness the collective impact of people, programs, and strategies to create a framework to begin this process. Five key focal areas have emerged as part of the initiative:

Key leaders from across the Duke community are leading working groups for each of the five key focal areas with the goal of a fostering inclusiveness, collaboration, connectivity, and innovation that nurtures the health and wellness of the entire Duke community.

The creation of Duke Healthy Campus reflects Duke’s commitment to health and wellness, and it enables faculty, staff, and students to lead and model optimal health and well-being for others.


Enable sustained improvement in the health and quality-of-life of the entire Duke University community.


Establish Duke  as the healthiest University in the nation.

Initial Goals

To realize this vision, Duke Healthy Campus Initiative will:

  • Maintain a multi-disciplinary coalition of faculty, staff and students to advance health and well-being.
  • Coordinate and promote, existing health and well-being programs, projects and initiatives.
  • Implement a set of initiatives that measurably improve health and well-being throughout the University community.
  • Promote an environment that contributes to the health and wellness of the Duke community through access to healthy food and the preservation of natural spaces, high performance buildings and sustainable resource use.
  • Create a culture of health movement that empowers every member of Duke University to be proactive and holistic in enhancing the quality-of-life for themselves, their loved ones, and the entire community

Expected Outcomes

  • Measurable improvement in health and well-being of members of the Duke community as demonstrated by quantifiable metrics.
  • A significant percentage of the Duke Community engages in their own and others wellness development.

Steering Committee

Eugene Washington, M.D., Chancellor for Health Affairs
Kyle Cavanaugh, Vice President of Administration
Richard Riddell, VP and University Secretary
Rukmini Balu, Ph.D., Chief of Staff to the Chancellor
Nan Jokerst, Ph.D., Chair of the Academic Council
Larry Moneta , Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs
Rhonda Brandon, Chief HR Officer for Duke University Healthy System
Mike Schoenfeld, Vice President, Public Affairs and Government Relations
Sue Wasiolek, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Nina King, Deputy Director of Athletics/Administration, Legal Affairs and Chief of Staff
Tara Bansal, Student, President of Duke Student Government

*Julie Joyner, Project Coordinator, Healthy Duke