Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition is focused on bringing together stakeholders from across Duke, including nutritionists, students, farmers, faculty, policy experts, and dining administrators to catalogue the food and nutrition resources that currently exist, identify where there are additional needs, and make recommendations for addressing those needs. In this effort, the Food & Nutrition working group will develop clear goals and success measures for guiding and tracking Duke’s progress as it works to become the healthiest campus in the United States.

Mary Story, Ph.D, RD. Faculty, Community and Family Medicine
Robert Coffey, Executive Director of Duke Dining


For Students

Student Health Nutrition Services
Encourages an environment that educates, supports and facilitates a student’s ability to develop lifelong healthy eating behaviors

Nutrition Resources & Information

Disordered Eating/Eating Disorder Information
Assessment and referral to support students with eating and body image concerns

Duke Dining: Nutrition & Dietary Information

Sustainabile Dining

Cook’s Corner
Tips and recipes to help students maintain a balanced plate, the key to good nutritional health

For Faculty and Staff

Duke Farmers Market
Find farm fresh fruits, vegetables, and other local goods at a convenient location (runs from April – September)

Duke Mobile Market
Program where a variety of fruits, vegetables, and other local products are hand-selected, individually boxed, and brought from the field to you

Nutrition Consultations
One-on-one meeting with a registered dietitian to learn ways to improve health through diet.

Maintain Don’t Gain
From Thanksgiving through the New Year, participants receive weekly health resources to help maintain their weight through the holidays.

Mind Your Health Seminars
Free seminar focusing on finding the keys to managing stress in today’s busy world

Steps to Health
Incentive program offered by LIVE FOR LIFE that focuses primarily on helping you achieve measurable health results and rewards you for achieving your health goal

Your Weigh Together
10-week healthy lifestyle program with a sound approach to nutrition, exercise and behavior change

Pathways to Change
Targeted 12-month healthy lifestyle program for individuals who are at risk for health problems