Schedule of Events

Take part in the events and activities schedule for the Week of Wellness.

Below are a host of suggested activities you do individually or with your team to take an active role in the Week of Wellness, the first step in the journey toward a Healthy Duke.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Say Something about Yourself Whiteboard
Put up a whiteboard in a common area and encourage people to write something positive about themselves. “The practice of positive self-talk is often the process that allows you to discover the obscured optimism, hope, and joy in any given situation.” Dr. Gregory Jantz

Joy Slideshow of Smiles
“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Didgeradoo Meditation
Listen to the meditative sounds of Didgeradoo (a wood instrument developed by Indigenous Australians) being played by Nathan Wilson.

Share how you unplugged this week, then post a photo to your favorite social media channel using the hashtag #HealthyDuke and #Unplug

Have an Eye-to-Eye Conversation
Conversation? Yes, talking with others builds your health, happiness and longevity. E-mailing, texting and Tweeting just don’t give the same emotional benefits as having a good talk. Take time to have a conversation with a colleague. Make eye contact and give the person you full attention.

Random Acts of Kindness
There are health benefits to showing kindness to others. Kindness increases the production of oxytocin, which aids in lowering blood pressure and improving overall heart-health. It also increase self-esteem and optimism.

I Asked a Friend Today, “How Do You Rejuvenate?”
Ask a friend how they rejuvenate and begin to build your own toolbox of ideas.

Tree of Gratitude
Create a “Tree of Gratitude” at work or at home. Make a paper tree trunk and leave post -its and a pen near the tree and invite people to write what they are grateful for.

Download a Mandala to Color
Take a deep breath and relax with these free mandala coloring pages. Many adults now color as a way to relax and get creative. These mandalas, with their patterns that flow and swirl, are especially helpful in calming your mind and encouraging you to let go of your day.

Word Cloud: Emotional Wellbeing
Share your suggestions about how you recharge your emotional wellbeing and see a word cloud of the community results.

Gratitude Tool
Try the gratitude tool. This tool will assess your work-life balance, give you feedback, and give you the opportunity to express your gratitude.

Resilience Adventures
Choose your own bite size resilience adventure via Awe, Kindness, or Relationships. Three adventures to choose from, or try all three.

Environment & Culture

Environment & Culture

Carbon Calculator Challenge
Take the Carbon Calculator with your school or department to set a baseline of our personal emissions at Duke.

Sustainability Pledge
Make the commitment to live and work sustainably and be added to the Sustainable Duke newsletter

Pick N’ Print: Inspirational Signs
Pick photos from Healthy Duke Photo contest from each thematic area with your own quote.

Sustainability Walking Tour
Look to your natural environment to find the trees with “eyes” to learn some fun facts, then post a photo to your favorite social media channel using the hashtag #HealthyDuke

Meditation video
Relax with a 5-minute desk meditation.

Physical Activity & Movement

Physical Activity & Movement

Sneaker Day (Sept. 13)
Celebrate and show your support of being physically active by wearing your sneakers to work. Celebration of everybody’s favorite footwear, sneakers! To participate, simply lace up your favorite pair. Post your sneaker photos using the hashtags: #HealthyDuke #sneakerday

Fit in 15
The Fit in 15 program will give you the opportunity to show yourself you can commit to exercise and meet the minimum requirements necessary to make improvements to your health. The fitness challenge and will start on Friday, September 15. Participants receive weekly emails with tips, motivation, and new ideas to get in shape. One new idea/non-traditional exercise will be featured each week. By registering and completing at least 15 days of the month which total at least 30 minutes of activity in each days LIVE FOR LIFE will donate 50 LIVE FOR LIFE dollars to the Duke Pediatric Bone Marrow Program to support patients and their families.

Free Duke Fitness Club Passes
Local gyms that are part of the Duke Fitness Club will be offering free passes during the Week of Wellness to try out their facilities. Faculty and staff can take a survey and select up to three different gyms to try out. Vendors include: YMCA, O2 Fitness, Life Time Fitness, Wilson/Brodie, Duke Health and Fitness Center and more.

Fulfillment & Purpose

Fulfillment & Purpose

There are more than 30 volunteer programs with a wide variety of opportunities from working with cancer patients, to art therapy, to comforting patients, to assisting with educational programs, and more.

Act of Kindness
Broaden your concept of service: Do one act of kindness: Smile at people, Pick up trash, Don’t complain.

National Day of Service
Sept. 11 is National Day of Service. Share a photo on social media with the hashtag #DukeServes to show how you serve.

Faith Groups & Services
Religious Life at Duke creates a safe place for religious expression and student support, and promotes collaboration between Duke’s diverse faith groups. Connect with a faith group on campus or attend a worship service.

Visit Duke Chapel
In the tower of Duke Chapel is a 50-bell carillon, played on weekdays at 5 p.m. and before and after Sunday worship services and special events.

Hit Pause
Engage in a “pause point”/contemplative practice for 3-5 minutes (read sacred text, pray, offer thanksgiving, express gratitude in writing, etc. Try for 3 weeks to engage in a practice of contemplation everyday.

Find a moment to restore. Hear your own thoughts. Be intentional. Take a moment of quiet to refocus.

Phone-free Lunch
Have a phone-free lunch with someone. Disconnect from your phone and make a connection.

Attend an Event/Performance
Check out one or more of the over 250 scheduled events offered each year by Duke Performances, the Nasher Museum, and Duke Gardens

Work vs. Activity
Pay attention to how you are using your time when “at work.” Ask yourself when you are genuinely working and when merely involved in activity.

Journal of Appreciation
Take a moment every day to identify one thing about your work or your role that you appreciate or that nourishes some part of you. Write it down and remember it when something negative dominates a small portion of your day. Do so for a week and you may be surprised at how much you value parts of your work. If you cannot, perhaps a career counselor is in order.

Discover What You Value
Try to find something each day you can attach to your value system or ideals – for example, if knowing your work contributes to a larger whole is important, is there something you completed, worked on, helped a colleague with, that could fulfill this? If being creative is important, are there tasks or projects that gave you this outlet during the day? These may not be ‘big’ moments every single day, but small moments that viewed in a different way can give new, and more purposeful meaning, to your work.

Identify Meaningfulness
Make sure at least a portion of your day contains work that you find personally meaningful – whether it’s a project in the office or making a meal for your family or volunteering.

Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition

#PhotoVoice: Post Picture of How You Eat Healthy or What Challenges You
Use Hashtag #HealthyDuke #Food #Nutrition to post a photo on your favorite social media channel for how you eat healthy or what challenges you to eat healthy.

Root Causes Food Drive
Root Causes, a Duke Med student organization dedicated to healing the food system, is seeking donations of rice and beans to supplement produce for patients. Donations will be collected at the “Lunch & Learn” seminars Monday through Thursday and at the Duke Farmers Market on Friday.