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Fulfillment & Purpose aims to create activities and events that integrate rigorous reflection, insights on meaningful work, and opportunities of engagement to enable students, faculty, and staff across the campus community to understand their place in the world better, building a stronger sense of not only where to go from here but why.

Awakening fulfillment and unlocking your purpose is the ultimate way to let your life speak. We all deserve the space to ask deeper questions of ourselves, questions to help us discover how we can successfully live the life that wants to live in and through us.

The Purpose & Fulfillment working group has organized itself into five areas of focus:

  • Work – toward what end do I labor?
  • Beauty – what is worthy of my attention and delight?
  • Worship – what or who deserves my allegiance and praise?
  • Service – what do I have to offer and to whom?
  • Discernment – am I on the right path?

Noah Pickus, Ph.D, Associate Provost and Public Policy Studies
Najla McClain, MSN Program Coordinator, SON


Duke Performances
Duke Performances is committed to presenting willfully eclectic, forward-thinking performing arts of the highest quality. Through superb performances, outstanding visiting artist residencies, and the development and commissioning of exciting new work, Duke Performances is forging a culture that vigorously supports performance and encourages meaningful engagement with the Duke campus and Durham community.

Nasher Museum of Art
Organizes and presents leading-edge exhibitions that travel to institutions worldwide

Duke Chapel
Through its tradition of inspiring worship and music, and a calling to walk with people of all faiths and circumstances, Duke Chapel stands as a beacon of hope on campus and in the community that bridges faith and learning

For Students

Career Center
Engages graduate and undergraduate students and alumni in discovering and determining what is meaningful and valuable in their lives and applying this to careers

Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture
Strives to promote racial understanding, build community, and foster an appreciation for and increase knowledge of Black people, Black history, Black culture, and the vast contributions of people of the African Diaspora

Religious Life at Duke (20+ groups)
Creates a safe place for religious expression and student support, and promotes collaboration between Duke’s diverse faith groups

LeaderShape Institute
A six-day intensive experience for rising sophomore, junior and senior students that focuses on leading with integrity, solidifying a vision for a just, caring, thriving world and the importance of maintaining a healthy disregard for the impossible

Duke Authenticity Project
Retreat focused on getting first-year students to dig deep, discover, and explore their values and practice leadership

For Faculty and Staff

Retirement Plans
Duke offers two different types of retirement plans; eligibility for participation in these plans is determined by whether you are paid biweekly or monthly

Life Insurance
Duke offers a comprehensive life insurance program, including both employer paid plans and voluntary, employee paid programs

Arts & Health
Provides literary, performing and visual arts programming to Duke University Hospital patients and those who care for them